"You Can't Control or Optimize a Compressed Air System Until You Measure It"

Welcome to Compressor Energy Services!

Compressor Energy Services, Inc. (CES) specializes in maximizing the efficiency and cost effectiveness of compressed air systems in large manufacturing facilities.  

With over 25 years in the compressed air systems industry, the CES team of engineering, systems and technology specialists’ measure, analyze and report on compressed air system performance and provide recommendations for improvements.


CES partners with energy services companies (ESCO’s) and utility companies to leverage energy efficiency incentive programs to subsidize system audits and improvement projects targeted to reduce energy costs.  

Power, flow and pressure data is collected and analyzed against industry data and specially designed CES compressor system performance models to identify opportunities for optimization resulting in energy savings with a typical Simple Payback of less than eighteen months.

CES system assessments do not interrupt or interfere with safe ongoing production operations.

CES has conducted over 500 assessments and secured over $3 Million in utility incentives for energy efficiency projects for manufacturing customers.

Compressed air, often called the fourth utility (with water, electricity and gas), is one of the most expensive utilities used in industry and the one utility generated in-house. No other utility provides this level of control over system efficiency and cost.